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Why most Pinoys would like to have a Duterte for a president?

One reason may lie behind the psychology of FPJ’s movies and the Filipino’s lost sense of manhood. FPJ’s movies and most other Pinoy action movies reflect our relentless desire to end the evils of society- a depiction of the classic battle between good and evil.

A caveat first, those who are obsessed to political correctness or sexism, I don’t think this post is for you.

Most of the time, FPJ wins over his antagonists (the goons) with the use of force, sometimes in an attempt to put the law in his hands, not for anything else but because of the fact that he finds many of those who are supposed to uphold the law are themselves promoter of evil, they even play masterminds.

Who would not wish to have a father, who like the police officer in the “Probinsiyano” would risk anything to avenge a family member’s death?

Who would not want an uncle who beats the bad boys just to protect his kamag-anak and ka-barangay from lawless elements?

Who would not want to have a brother or a husband you would feel safe with even while asleep.

Yes, many miss this concept of manhood.

I am not saying that our manhood died and was buried with FPJ, (not even claiming that only man can stand up for change) but it seemed that somewhere in time, along with this change, our consciousness was altered, manhood suffered a lot. Look now at what we could find in TV or in movies? What does it promote?

Even those in the government seem to have lost the balls.

Now these people are demanding real change. Duterte seem to have evoked that longing for the lost sense of masculinity. These people, women and men alike, represent those who believed in the essence of authentic manhood, not this ‘broken manhood’ that media and foreign influences are trying to impose on us. They are fed up with the bolshevik that people in the government try to feed us.

Could you blame these people?

But then, is it just the ‘sense of manhood‘ that we need to restore?

I believe there is no need to resort to the ways Duterte’s familiar with, and that the “FPJ” image is long passe. Others just fear that too much of an exercise of this democracy could possibly end to a tyranny and worst communism. So that soon, the rule of the mob is the rule of the law. This we do not want to happen, for if it does, we just waste thirty years of our most recent history, of our struggle to change the way the government is run, and of our success in toppling a dictatorship.

Oops, I forgot to warn the loyalists as well.

I believe that the authentic manhood is consisted not just of power but also of wisdom and the gentleness of spirit you can only find in our mothers.

Guys, man-up! Vote really wisely.