Part 2 of 2.

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The revisionist’s have actually infiltrated even the classrooms and successfully permeated our oral literature. Many students are left at the mercy of some loyalist teachers. The loyalistas supply the myth and the beguiled millenials perpetuate it. Even some teachers who are not loyalists themselves but have been schooled in the “revisionist version” may have contributed to the perpetuation of the untruths about Marcos and his family.

I am afraid that even the silence of those who have turned complacent and indifferent about the issue might have contributed to this mess.

The arguments loyalists use to defend their penchant of Martial law reeks of utter ignorance if not sheer stupidity.  Millenials, gullible as they are, pick the same argument to be instantly published and shared with one click of the keyboard.

A well celebrated TV news anchor even said that we should not enjoy the government facilities and projects completed by the dictator such as the Heart Center, PICC and the NLEX/SLEX if we are against Martial Law. Using their same argument, as one friend puts it, they should be told not to use the press freedom they obviously enjoy now because it was a fruit of EDSA revolution.

Loyalists and the gullible millenials would also use ‘the son is not the father’ argument to defend their support of the dictator’s son cum losing VP candidate. But if asked why they support said candidate they would always refer to the father and the father’s accomplishments. Ever heard of “the father was a good president who was able to build many infrastructures,”, “he was a valiant war hero”, “he was a bar topnotcher” These and many of its variants abound, which indeed proves, the son was not really the father.

Then they would say that the infrastructures and government facilities we enjoy today were made during the time of the late dictator and that the economy was at its best during that time. Yet they are unmindful that the economy then was all debt-driven and these debts we still have to pay until 2025. Where have all the taxes gone if the money used for projects came from foreign debts?

Needless to say, there is ‘ill-gotten wealth’ still unreturned to the government, the infamous Imeldiffic shoes and jewelries, the cronies, the dummies… And whew! The list goes on. And what would the loyalists have to say in reply? Lies, they’re all lies.

Yes, there may be positive results of the Marcos regime but these were not commensurate to the evil perpetrated by him and his minions during that time. In the first place, I’m not sure if this contrasting would even make sense.

We cannot keep a blind eye on the truth, written with the blood of many of the victims of this regime.  A Filipino who truly loves his country would not let himself be swayed by popular opinions, or allow his mind be conditioned by the revisionist lies which seemed to pervade the discussions in the media including the internet.

Even the international community and media know the truth, why is it that Filipino millennials don’t? (insert expletives)