Familiar Tirotories

Stories you're already familiar with, except that it's about myself and my family.


Mabuhay! Welcome to Familiar Tirotories.

Yup, you read it right! I didn’t misspell it. It’s a play on my surname Tiro and that thing both kids and grown ups like to hear, stories. Joined the two words and poof! a new dimension, a territory you haven’t heard of.

Ordinarily we long to visit places we’ve never been before hoping to be able to create lasting memories there.  Yet sometimes, nostalgia attacks,  making you crave for a place more familiar so that being able to come back refreshes you like being there the first time. There’s no happier moment than having the chance of reliving the memories you previously created in that same place.

This blog is like that place, so prosaic and so common that what you find are things you already know but because you love it you want to keep coming back – or at least I hope you would.